Welcome to the launch of EarthPrix® and FormulaEvo™!

The EarthPrix® concept grew from my involvement in professional motorsports and, in particular, my efforts to help unification of the ChampCar and Indy Racing League racing series from 2003-2008.  From those efforts, I developed an understanding of the fundamental problems with most (all?) motorsport series of today - how they tend to be run more like clubs than businesses; that sanctioning bodies exist, more or less, to serve the self-interests of those that participate in their series rather than the needs and desires of the public; and how everything about racing has become irrelevant with the contemporary road car, entertainment and society in general.

EarthPrix® itself is a gathering of people, people who recognize the significant problems our world will face in the coming decades, regarding energy supply and pollution, and who desire to change things.  Bringing together experts, dignitaries, advocacy groups and people from all corners of the globe, EarthPrix® will provide a forum for discussion and debate, and a platform for promoting alternative energy solutions and efficient energy use.

Things “green”, “alternative”, “efficient” are popular today, however, unfortunately, the general public buys or endorses such products or services more for their image than for the “right” reasons of carbon footprint reduction and reducing our dependence on fossil based and non-renewable fuels.  EarthPrix’s mission is to bring people together, educate, motivate and entertain them so they can truly understand the challenges mankind faces and urge them to take planned, yet speedy action.

There is no product that touches our lives in the way the automobile does, from being a status symbol to a reflection of our personal brand to being one of our most significant investments to providing us with the freedom of complete mobility.  The automobile industry, economically, is one of the world’s most important sectors, and it feeds numerous other industries such as steel and other metals, plastics, electronics, rubber (tires) and oil, while it is also one of the largest contributors to the global energy crisis.

The influence and power of the automobile industry make it the ideal leader for the EarthPrix® mission .  In the same way the auto industry did in the early 1900s, it can excite and motivate industry worldwide to innovate and develop energy-conscious solutions - leading by example.

FormulaEvo™ is contemporary motorsport (or nüevosport™ as I have coined & branded it), designed to promote innovation that meets real-world needs and that is presented to the public in new, exciting and fun ways, to showcase the relevance of its vehicles.  FormulaEvo™ exists to promote applicable road-car innovation, as motor racing did in its early beginnings, and public awareness and to serve as a marketing tool for the automobile and related industry. 

Fundamentally, motorsports have not evolved. The cars, the racing and how the races are presented remain mostly unchanged from the early-mid 1900s.   Personally, I believe motorsport is in serious risk of ultimate demise and that, in time, it will become socially unacceptable.

EarthPrix® is a concept and much work remains to bring it to life.  To succeed, it needs automobile industry participation and support, significant sponsorship, entertainment partners, government endorsement, and a general desire from the public for EarthPrix® to exist.

Please explore the website.  For the best understanding, view the header tabs in order from left to right starting at the top and then moving to the bottom.  In the future days, weeks and months I will continue to add content: a forum for discussion, a request section to be added to our email distribution list, details about the FormulaEvo™ rules and regulations (there won’t be many!) and even a sales section for EarthPrix®, FormulaEvo™ and nüevosport™ merchandise.

Enjoy and Imagine!

Robert S. Clarke

president & ceo

clarke-works, inc.

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